Pilates for Pregnancy by Anya Hayes
Flexible Strength

WEDNESDAY 8–8.45pm

A mixed-level class suitable for beginners – men and women – great for strengthening for those with back-issues or related aches 
and pains. 

The focus of this class is to give you
a strong foundation for your Pilates practice, developing from week
to week.

We strengthen your deep core muscles with Pilates exercises, occasionally utilising small equipment such as bands and weights (I'll email you in advance and will always provide alternatives if you don't have the equipment at home), and a yoga influence  to stretch the body, creating a long, strong, lean physique.

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Postnatal Core Restore
Pregnancy and New Mums

TUESDAY 8–8.45pm

A class for all mums, not just immediately postnatal. Tone up post-baby, focus on your pelvic floor and alleviate the aches and strains that our little people place on the body. A sanctuary of time and headspace away from the chaos! Time to strengthen and release tension.

Exercises are perfect for pelvic floor awareness, healing any diastasis recti (abdominal gap), strengthen the deep abdominals and restore your functional strength. 


Suitable after your 6-week GP check, and let's chat about whether going to a women's health physio might be advisable before starting, in a pre-booking consultation call/email.
You may need to wait longer post-caesarean, I would advise waiting for 

up to 12 weeks.


Mindful Pregnancy

Stay supple and strong in body and mind throughout your pregnancy, and prepare mentally and physically for the wonderful journey ahead.

The class offers on Pilates for toning and strengthening, alongside mindfulness tools, breathing work and release of tension, providing essential preparation for labour and new motherhood.

You can buy my book Pilates for Pregnancy here.

WEDNESDAY  1–1.45pm

Welcome to Motherhood

A 4-week free course for new mums and their babies. 


Healing tools for body and mind.

A safe space to connect to your body

and explore the challenges of early motherhood with other mums.
Pelvic floor awareness, and MIND–BODY tools for releasing tension and softening anxiety, using techniques from MBCT (Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) and Mindfulness Self Compassion.

See also Mama MIND–BODY Coaching Programme. 

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