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Happy Monday! It’s the first day of summer holidays for some of us – but read on even if this is just another July Monday for you. I feel like the end of summer term time can be the most overwhelming and stressful for Supermum territory. Making sure you are present as possible for all the final shows, ‘memorable events’, school concerts, sports days, teacher presents, preschool leaving ceremonies…the list feels endless, as can the guilt be if you just can’t BE EVERYWHERE AND EVERYONE FOR EVERYONE ALL THE TIME. So, if you’re feeling frazzled by summer term, you have my love and shared glazed eyes. Take a deep breath.

So I thought I would share a bit about the new NEOM range because, at times like this it’s sometimes just nice to pamper yourself even if just for three seconds. I’ve been a NEOM ambassador for a while. I love the brand and have done since it first started, and squealed with excitement when they started moving into skincare with the Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil which I’ve bought multiple times since it launched as my bedtime routine wouldn’t be the same without it and my skin has definitely benefited. In September there’s a new skincare range launching, whoop whoop!! Products to boost your wellbeing, packed with skin loving ingredients to tackle daily skin issues caused by modern life. I’ve had the pleasure of trialling some the new range and can confirm it is everything you’d expect from NEOM, smells divine and delivers beautiful soft skin.

NEOM Founder and Creative Director Nicola Elliott says,

At NEOM we believe that most skincare problems are caused by modern lifestyle – working late into the night, 10 hour meetings, zero sleep… sound familiar? Well we have the perfect antidote; our amazing NATURAL skincare range. Clean, simple and powerful, whether your life leaves your skin stressed out, unhappy, or tired, each and every product is packed with seriously good natural ingredients and a special blend of super-star essential oils to feed and treat your skin concern. Go natural, feel good.’

I’ve been trying out the Great Day Glow skincare which fills you with a lovely pepperminty zing first thing in the morning. I love the fact that the moisturiser is SPF 30, as I don’t like to wear anything under that day to day. Here’s a bit more about the range:


Everyone wants a glowing complexion. The Great Day Glow System is full of the most effective, natural extracts, actives and ingredients such as Turmeric Root Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Mandarin, Rose and Peppermint Essential Oils to minimise the appearance of pores and give your skin a natural glow.

The collection includes a light daily face wash, a fast absorbing face serum, a soothing face oil and a nourishing lightweight SPF30 moisturiser, which protects from sun damage and UVA.

Great Day Glow Face Wash RRP £25, Great Day Glow Face Serum RRP £45, Great Day Glow Face Oil RRP £42 and Great Day Glow SPF30 Moisturiser RRP £40.

The launch date is 1st September

From 1st September you’ll be able to get free samples after taking the Personal Skin Finder! 

Skincare was one of my main self-care tools pre-baby, and it’s been the one I’ve been most easily derailed from since motherhood took over my space, money and time. This is a really good invitation to bring it back, big style.

What about you, what are your non-negotiable self care tools in your toolkit?

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