Live life in Technicolor

The cold damp weather continues relentlessly at the moment. Enticing glimpses of sunshine in between the grey cold. The start of my Pilates classes is usually characterised with everyone saying how fed up they are with being COLD.

To a certain extent, this is part of being British. We grumble and moan about the cold, the heat, the rain, the leaves on the line. If you took the weather away from us as a conversational pivot we’d possibly flail about aimlessly until we settled upon “shall I put the kettle on?”

Everyone is fed up of being grey and damp. Most of my clients are noticing their aches and pains are flaring up and everyone feels scrunched up and tense because of huddling shoulders up to ears in defence against the rain.

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) will certainly have a few more sufferers within this gloom. It’s the greyness that has the overriding effect…gloomy like a bad tempered headmaster sitting on your head constantly is bound to take its toll.

Sunshine is never taken for granted by us Brits, at any moment it might scuttle away (and you certainly can’t plan a picnic more than 4 hours in advance) so we race out to soak it up while we can, even if this means being slightly chilly while we try and tan our legs.

Certainly in Sri Lanka and in my travels in Thailand I have always wanted to embrace the spirit and colour, buy bright fabric and clothes with opulent orange, pops of pink, turquoise, emerald greens …only to find when they come home they seem slightly garish and incongruous set against the tempered greys and browns of home.

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