Matrescence – the second adolescence?

Emerging into motherhood is an intense time for body and mind ❤️ it’s a passage through a one-way turnstile. When we become adults, we first go through adolescence. Aaahhh the joy! The pain! The skin breakouts! The awkwardness! The hormones. The loneliness….some people sail through. BUT SOME PEOPLE DON’T ❤️ . How about we start to acknowledge the similar aspects of transitioning to motherhood: Matrescence ✨. So we’re prepared for the thriving AND the struggle. The euphoria of a new horizon, and the crippling fears of what comforts and knowns you’re leaving behind. It’s akin, right? ✨

That’s why I have always struggled with black and white labelling of postnatal depression (you either have it or you don’t) because it’s SUCH a grey area, a spectrum to out do all spectrums. And some element of struggle and angst is to be expected within the framework of viewing it as a transition to a new way of being. Which is why the obsession with “bouncing back” is so fricking unkind and unnecessary. Push, stroll, hobble tentatively forward, don’t bounce back. Accept and process and learn how to navigate the new terrain, which may include a totally ok element of sadness for what has passed.

Check out @alexandrasacksmd beautiful and inspiring TED talk about Matrescence and article in the New York Times The Birth of a Mother, here ❤️❤️❤️.

I’m running a new Welcome to Motherhood wellness course this month in Peckham. Three weeks – babies welcome – to focus on your body and mind in this time of metamorphosis. Offering you healing and calming tools. Message me to book or for more information.

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