Mojo detectives – pelvic floor restore 

Mama mojo. That elusive magic ingredient that gets lost somewhere between 3rd trimester cankles and the dark faceless beast of sleep deprivation. There are many other factors coming into play, identity,  confidence, anxiety…mixed up in a heady mojo cocktail which can lead to feelings of depletion and lowness. Which all makes us feel quite simply a bit blah. Even though our children are amazing – and this week particularly we hold that close and tight.

Even a birth without “complications” strains your pelvic floor to its capacity. Without the tools or intent to repair and restore, you can be left feeling distinctly underwhelmed with your undercarriage, and this physical lowness can lend itself to a latent malaise in your wellbeing too.

So what can you do? Firstly – do not be shy about going to your GP if you feel, even years post birth, that things aren’t quite right down there.

Secondly. Commit to a few minutes of Pilates a day to restore the floor, and restore your faith, belief and compassion for yourself and your amazing warrior body.

Lie on the floor on your back, feet flat on the floor. Breathe, soften and enjoy the release of tension around your body.

Breathe in to prepare the body. Breathe out, and lift into your pelvic floor by gently engaging into the back passage as if trying to stop breaking wind. Tuck the tail bone underneath you, and roll your spine off the mat.

Breathe in, and roll down, finally releasing your pelvic floor when your bottom hits the mat. 2. Wall Slides

Stand against the wall with your feet about 30cm away. Lean your spine back. Feet hip width apart. Knees bent. Breathe in and soften your shoulders. Place your hands onto your pelvis if that helps you feel what’s happening.

Breathe out, lift up your back passage and zip the engagement through to the front – imagine you’re trying to stop breaking wind and stop having a pee at the same time. Relax the shoulders and slide down the wall with your spine, bending the knees over the toes.

Slide up and down three times, keeping your pelvic floor lifted. Keep breathing. Then release.

Stand tall. Breathe and soften the shoulders into your back. Turn the legs slightly out and open them to shoulder width apart.

Breathe in. Lift into your pelvic floor. Rise up onto your toes, pressing the floor away. Keep the pelvic floor lifted.

Slowly lower the heels down, keeping engaged in your pelvic floor.

Breathe normally throughout – notice if you’re holding your breath. At the end, breathe out and fully release your pelvic floor. Without having a wee.

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