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As some of you who are regular readers of the blog (hiya! *waves* Very happy to have you here!), you’ll know that in November I started my MUTU journey, with a screening of the EMBRACE documentary which blew my mind. As part of that fantastic body confidence campaign, I was offered the chance to trial the MUTU system. So many of my Pilates clients have asked me about MUTU over the past couple of years and I have been intrigued but didn’t really know anything about it myself.

The 12-week programme started at the beginning of December and of course has draped itself over Christmas (I have about 4 weeks left), and as you know that’s a time when most of us fall off the exercise bandwagon in favour of the crisp wagon or the port train, or possibly the Celebrations helicopter. So I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t manage to do a workout every time I “should have” over that period, although I must say that wasn’t due to Christmas excess or sloth, it was more that Freddie chose the Christmas period to get a chest infection and renounce sleep for the duration, so exercise wasn’t that available to me during that two-week period due to general exhaustion. But what I did benefit from in that time was the gentle reminders from Wendy Powell, MUTU founder and mum of two, that your body is your patient and loving home, somewhere that you live – and always will – and if a supporting wall has fallen down in your home, well, it’s time to get the builders in before you can start any other aesthetic decorating work. You need to think about regaining your inner strength as a necessity and not a luxury. Wendy’s message is one close to my heart: as mums, new mum or “seasoned”, we’re constantly badgered about “losing our baby weight”, “getting back into skinny jeans”, but not much is explored about the vastly more important matter of what goes on underneath the surface.

Wendy is open about how pelvic floor weakness and diastasis recti are issues that need to be tackled before you can even think about “losing the mum tum”. The science about pelvic floor health and core strength is explained clearly and thoughtfully, to leave you more aware of how you use your body every day. Wendy really taps into the fact that there’s a huge mojo dip after you’ve had children: not only may you have started with an ambiguous attitude to your body, but suddenly now you have the postpartum joys of squishy tummy and out of control boobs, which can make you feel low and lacking sparkle. We’re desperate to get back to how we were, but often lack the information to help us get there. Fear of leaking wee means that a lot of women are scared to go running or go back to their HIIT classes, and then are left with no ideas about what they CAN do.

Thankfully, MUTU is a really helpful resource that will enable you to strengthen your body and get back that zing in your step, so that you can more easily get into the physical activity you used to love, if high intensity exercise was your bag, you’re much more able to jump around with a fully strengthened pelvic floor supporting you. And if pre-kids you had never even considered cracking out a burpee, well, with a growing body confidence and a way in to exercise, maybe that wonderful world will be opened up to you?

I’m back on the MUTU train now, the workouts are 15 minutes each and even with a clingy toddler on the loose, it’s possible to carve out that time for yourself. Excitingly a brand spanking new version of the programme has just launched this week, and I’m loving the fact that I get to experience this brand new gleaming version. It looks fab, showcasing the same fantastic message as before – treat yourself with kindness, love and respect: you deserve to be fit and strong after having your babies, to find your light, inner mojo,  but with new videos, exercises and a more dynamic video demonstration style and different exercise bodies showing you how it’s done.

Check it out: it’s the perfect way of strengthening your body from the inside out. Let me know how you get on! I’d love to know what your experience of your postnatal body has been – have you loved and embraced every new squish? Or are you feeling down about it? Have you been told about your pelvic floor exercises beyond a vague “squeeeeeze?” Have you even heard of diastasis rect? I’d love to hear. Feel free to comment below or send me a message xxx

New Year, New MUTU, New you! Months in the making and even more awesome than before, the perfect antidote to ‘falling off the January health and fitness wagon’, MUTU System has just launched a *BRAND NEW program designed to flatten your tummy, stop annoying pelvic floor leakage, lose the weight you really wanna shift, heal your diastasis recti, feel fitter, healthier and sexier. The best bit is it only takes 15 minutes a day!

Enroll today and you get exclusive access to two BONUS LIVE CALLS with Founder and CEO of MUTU, Wendy Powell including Q&A sessions, bonus information and a chance to chat with the woman behind MUTU System. Grab your copy today!

I also have a MUTU System discount code for you fabulous blog readers: put in the code EMBRACE15 at the MUTU checkout to receive a 15% discount.

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