Pelvic Floor Restore

I ran my first pelvic floor workshop last night for a group of mums – new and “seasoned” – pelvic floor awareness, performing functional movement exercises to help them all find strength in the day to day – movements that mirror picking up baby, putting car seat in the car, pushing buggies up onto pavements. Those kind of physically demanding moves that we don’t consider exercise but that we merrily do all day every day.

One of the mums is 5 months postnatal and has a diastasis recti (abdominal separation) which she had been told was “really bad”. She was feeling demoralised and fearful. Everyone in the session was feeling like they had to make time to do pelvic floor work … and it all seems a bit much among the mental overload and emotional labour of motherhood. The demand for a bounce back. Something else to remember to do. Something extra to add to your pressurised time.

Mamas – it’s hard. It’s HARD to build up your strength after baby. Pregnancy and birth is HAAARRD on your body. It’s ok to go easy on yourself. It’s ok to want to give yourself a hug. It’s ok to cry and think you’re the weakest you’ve ever felt. .


You are actually the strongest. ❤️ you’re holding up the world.

Pelvic floor health is worth putting on your priorities list – but it’s not just a question of a hopeful squeeze and lift when you remember. It’s allowing yourself to breathe fully and deeply. It’s checking in on how you’re bending down to pick up your baby. Become mindful about how you sit every day (remember your sit bones!!), your movement habits. Allow it to become autopilot that you breathe out and engage your pelvic floor when you pick your baby up out of their cot or grab your toddler. When you twist and lower them into their car seat. THIS is all meaningful. It’s not fitting it in when you can’t cope with the idea of another pressure on your time. It’s making it all add up to a healthy core. And this will benefit you for life. An ignored pelvic floor develops ways of making you take notice. And it’s never too late to start nurturing it.

Go easy on yourself fabulous one, you’re doing an amazing job.

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