Postnatal Pilates – my new book is out now!

My new book Postnatal Pilates comes out today! And it’s #1bestseller in Family and Lifestyle Physiotherapy on Amazon!! Whoop!

It’s your guide for trying to make yourself feel better, stronger, more supported in your motherhood graft: being a mum is physically hard work, we need to be strong for all the lifting, pushing, carrying, winding the bobbin up. Injured muscle needs careful rehabilitation – our pelvic floor will not get better without attention: i.e. closing your eyes and hoping it’ll magically improve is sadly NOT the way forward.

Pilates has been proven to be extraordinarily effective alongside physio guidance in strengthening post-birth for healing pelvic floor dysfunction and strengthening your functional core if you have abdominal separation. It’s truly functional and relevant to your daily life, and offers you techniques and tools you can easily slot into your daily movement patterns with your children: buggy stretches, pliés while you’re making a cup of tea, pelvic floor cues for when you’re lifting your baby out of the bath: this book offers guidance that you can easily transfer into your real life, rather than giving you another “should” on your to do list.

My new book offers easy to fit in bite sized Pilates snacks which you can build into your day to day with your baby – or commit to whenever you find time around children. A whole chapter is devoted to caesarean birth recovery. There are tools to use from immediately post-birth and the fourth trimester, right up to exercises you can refer to for your ongoing strength programme years after birth: if you are feeling not “normal” this book will bring you back home to your body.

You are postnatal forever. This is your strength and recovery guide for life.

How are you feeling about your strength and resilience post birth? Have you felt that you’ve had adequate information and support? I’d love to hear from you… xxx

Postnatal Pilates by Anya Hayes

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