Reviews of The Supermum Myth

I’m delighted to share a handful of the 5-star reviews currently on Amazon for The Supermum Myth.

•••• I discovered Anya on Instagram after the birth of my second when I seeked support for pelvic floor recovery. This woman is amazing and doing such important work for pregnant women and mums. I bought this book and devoured it in a few days! It was everything I’d been looking for. Finally, a book about motherhood that I could connect with on so many levels. It’s honest and real without shining a negative view on motherhood. There’s plenty of books like that out there if that’s what you want. It has given me a new perspective in so many ways – when I have a tough day/week/month, I now look at it and myself differently. I now have practical tools which I use all the time. If you don’t follow Anya ok Instagram then do. You’ll love her vibe and everthing she stands to. Her book is an essential read for any pregnant woman, new or not-so-new mum! ••••

•••• I love this book! As a mother it means to much to know that the emotions and overwhelm that come with aiming for the unattainable illusion of perfection in motherhood can be understood and worked through. Beautifully written and with great practical tools filled with care, wisdom and compassion. I love this book personally and professionally; as a perinatal practitioner, I recommend it to all the women I work with. A great book for all mothers to reduce pressure and increase confidence.••••

The Supermum Myth

••••I’m part way through reading this for the 2nd time. I read it after having my first son and thought it was worth revisiting after my second. So glad I picked it up again, I find myself nodding along as I read because this book resonates so much. I think it simply puts into perspective how much pressure we put on ourselves as mothers, partners, friends, sisters etc. It reminds us that however much it looks like every other mum has ‘got it together’ half the time you can’t see the insecurities and imperfections that affect us all. A must read for all mums, at whatever stage of motherhood you are at!••••

••••Love love love this book! I genuinely think it should be prescribed on the NHS, or at least recommended by midwives, health visitors etc. It’s all just so true, but written in a way that I frequently found myself laughing. Also had to resist screenshotting various paragraphs to people I think would really benefit from reading this book. Great exercises to do throughout the book. A general sense of solidarity comes through the narrative, and I am sure I’ll be wanting to revisit chapters over the coming months and years. Definitely not just for new mums either, there’s something for everyone! Thank you to the authors!••••

••••I bought this book after following Anya on Instagram, as I really like her approach & insights into life and motherhood.

Part of me was worried that I would find this book preachy and it would make me feel bad for not not being a super mum! 😂 However, within pages I was not only completely reassured that this was not the case, but felt as if Anya was in my head – every single worry or thought I have ever had about parenting is in the book. It is so well-constructed with in-depth knowledge and practical activities & suggestions to help you to re-align yourself if/when your worries get too much.••••

••••This book should be given to every Mum on prescription at their six week check because it is so honest and spot-on, along with Anya having a brilliant sense of humour. Not only that but it has helped me to remember that I am in Winnacott’s words ‘a good enough’ mum and that is so much better than being a mythical supermum.

I have re-aligned myself with trusting my instincts and regaining my mojo and have released myself from the shadows of being a supermum! You should too ❤️ ••••

Have you read it? I’d love to know what you thought! xxx

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