Route 66 – love your body TODAY

It takes 66 repeated acts to create habits. I’m on a daily mission to incorporate positive habits and mental strategies to create an empowered positive life.

Day  3 – love your body NOW. Today. Don’t put off loving it for when it’s fitter/slimmer/less achey/a unicorn.

Cultivate self compassion by connecting mindfully to your body each and every day. Imagine your body is a small child you need to nurture, hug, love. Or you can imagine your body as a wise elder, knowing what’s best for you if you choose to listen to what it has to say.

These two pictures of me are from 8 years ago, in Sri Lanka. I felt heavy and thought I looked like a man. What a wally!

Appreciate your body for its myriad strengths and power NOW, every day. Life is too short not to.

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