Series: What’s in Your Toolkit 9 – The Supercharged Club

It’s time to get Supercharged! I first met Mary and Emma from Supercharged Club last summer, at an Instagram mums meet up. I love their energy and vitality, and the camaraderie and joy they seem to spark off between each other.

Searching for mojo, I signed up for the mission at the end of last summer. And it totally changed my mindset, altered my understanding of my habits and behaviours that I had never really considered being patterns. It’s not a diet, but a holistic mind-body recharge. They have 6-week missions which help mums to get back into their minds and bodies, to bring back their sparkle and establish good habits to serve them well for the rest of their lives. No fads here. I wanted to find out what was in their personal bumbag of wellness tricks.

Tell me about Supercharged Club. How did you come to be? 

Supercharged Club was born from conversations whilst Mary was studying Performance Coaching and NLP, Emma was struggling to understand why her clients were doing fabulous work in her classes and 1-2-1s but not making long term changes. The answer was in their minds! So combining forces of BODY POWER and MIND POWER plus the two of us sharing our own unique adventures right alongside clients is the magic we now call Supercharged Club. Our online 6 week missions get called ‘LIFE CHANGING’ and us two get called ‘Supercharged Power Duo’ there is nothing like Supercharged Club out there, which is what makes us different!

The connection and community that you manage to create in the missions is a little bit magic. What’s do you think is your secret ingredient which makes mums find that connection between mind and body and start to make positive changes?

The secret ingredient is US! Being honest, raw, brave with our adventures in overcoming binge-eating, excess alcohol drinking, relationship issues, bulimia, distorted body image, depression, both of us regardless of our differences sizes have all been drawn in by clever marketing, societies ideas of ‘perfect’. We are funny, compassionate, passionate about what we do, kickass at inspiring and motivating, and not forgetting totally badass!

What are your own tools in your mental and physical health toolkit?

Different for us both, at different times but currently Emma’s go to tools are the power of thinking before taking action, reflection, playing back videos of herself having captured messages from herself in different states (hungover, and hangover free) helps drive her behaviours and decisions. For Mary its the power of the pause, feeling her feelings, (there has been a lot of tears recently!) journalling, yoga, and meditation.

These work for us at the moment, but we have hundreds more waiting in our imaginary bumbag plus we do every 6 week online mission right alongside some badass women who inspire and motivate us daily to live our best lives and age in health.

Check out Supercharged Club here

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