Step up

One small act would be to read @thestepupclub’s awesome book. .

This is a truly inspiring book. It’s not only about careers, it’s deeper than that. It explores self confidence and how we women are placed in the workplace, by ourselves, by societal habits and expectations. Highlighting how sometimes we’re our own biggest saboteurs as women. .

It offers really useful thought strategies taken from CBT to alter your natural female inclination to do yourself down. 🙏💪

If you’re a woman in any kind of work (or not), and feel your self confidence is thwarting you from getting what you want from life, from making your voice heard, from standing up for what you believe in – have a read ✨💪🦄. It delves into the psychology of self-esteem and the self-limiting behaviours that we women place on ourselves: it gives strategies for lifting yourself out of unnecessary self-limiting entrenched habits and beliefs, such as “I’m crap at networking”, and offers tools for generally dealing with every aspect of work/career/self-confidence that we have to face as women. It’s brilliant, clear, funny, intelligent. 🙏👏🙌🏼💕

Basically this book would have been career-altering had I been able to read it 10 years ago, but now as a self-employed “brand” it’s making me feel enthusiastic about things that otherwise I would’ve felt intimidated or anxious (and avoidant) about.

Plus it’s made me see the true life-changing power of lipstick 💄💄💄💋.

Happy international women’s day. We are women. We are strong and amazing 💪🙏💕❤️🙌🏼🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄.



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