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Tired. Knackered. Exhausted. Depleted. No time. No energy. Don’t feel like it. Feeling unfit but can’t imagine having enough time or energy to turn it around.

Sound familiar? I’ve realised lately that I’ve settled into a comfy unfit zone where I haven’t prioritised my own workout time for so long that now I’m simply unsure how on earth it would fit into daily life. Like pebbles and sand poured into a jar, every bit of space seems to be taken up already by work, children, urgent priorities…wine…

Or is it? Is it simply that you allow the less important stuff in, so the big SELF CARE stuff gets crowded out? As the Step Up ladies highlighted in their brilliant book Step Up: place  big stones in the jar before the sand and pebbles, as otherwise those big stones – your major priorities – won’t fit in, but will be displaced by all the smaller bitty stuff.

I felt like I needed a kick up the arse. I’m over 40 now, eek, I haven’t been fit for quite a long time. Why not now? What’s stopping me, except for the usual dose of self-sabotage? A reboot in mojo. A Pilates recharge. I decided to sign up for The Model Method Online which is the new programme from Hollie Grant, the Pilates PT.

This is an 8-week programme with HIIT and Pilates workouts, nutrition guidance and also a mental health nourishment programme too. You receive a starter pack packed full of goodies from Sweaty Betty, Pip and Nut, Rock my Bowl, Neom Organics, to name a few.  It’s a truly holistic plan.

But is it doable for a busy mum with no superfluous time windows? Well, tonight I did my first HIIT workout, a 30 minute workout which is short enough time to really lack a good enough excuse to skip it. I had had a long day, a day where COFFEE was needed. Two weeks left of summer holidays, jet lagged boys, piles of washing and unpacked suitcases dominating my sightline at home. That kind of day. Plenty of scope for self-sabotage. Ahh, I’ll just do it tomorrow. I’m knackered I can’t face it.

I did it! And wow, I feel SO energised and buzzing afterwards. The workout kicked my arse. I realise how unfit I am and I feel challenged and inspired to really work through to my goals.

I’ll be logging my progress every week (more if I can find the time!), so please follow if you fancy the inspiration. Honestly I am the easiest person in the world to distract from a workout, so if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO.

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