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W e l l n e s s t o o l k i t 💫✨💗we all need things that spark joy. That is, after all, really the whole point of being on this earth: finding joy as much as we can, affirming why we’re here. When you’re on the hamster wheel of morning chaos/finding shoes/school run/juggle juggle juggle, it can often feel like we’re wishing days away, not fully present, observing our lives through mottled glass. Find things that bring you back into the present moment, awaken your senses, uplift. This #flatlay shows my daily/weekly boosters when I’m feeling as flat as a flat lay. Enables me a bit of va va voom to share with those around me 🙌💫💪.

Face oil: facial massage is da bomb 💥⚡️. Doesn’t matter really what oil you use, you could even use olive oil. Better to use something that smells amazing: this is one I get every year from a small goat farm in Canada 🐐🇨🇦which is evening primrose, rose hip, rosewood, grapefruit seed and #essentialoils which smell totally mmmmm💫✨Makes your skin dewy, boosts circulation, revives craggy #mumskin. I do it every. Single. Night. without fail. Even if bubs is crying – unless it’s a dire emergency, mama is massaging her face 💪

Charms: 🕉💙I love anything teal, turquoise, aquamarine 💙💚🐠and all my jewellery (boringly) reflects this. But colour sparks joy. Adorn yourself 💍if it brings you pleasure. This pendant also brings with it yogic pleasure into my life. I look at it and I think oommmm #shanti #peace 🙏.

Lipstick 💋💄brightens up even the most grimly bedraggled day. My fave is this Nars one but I have a LOT of lipstick to choose from now. I feel caught short if I don’t have one in my bag. Detracts from a tired eye, dontcha know 😴💋😘.

#rescueremedy – this is a #nealsyardremedy to alleviate feelings of lowness and #anxiety. Promote #optimism and #joy. Even reading those words provides a mental uplift 🙏.

Hand cream: this neals yard one is 👌🏼my hands are more baby bottom than crepe paper 👏🏼.

Night mask: even if your “overnight” sleep is made up of snatched gems of 2-hour stretches if you’re lucky, adding a night moisturiser to your #ritual you’ll wake up perkier of skin 😊#wellbeing #mamamojo #mumlife #mumface #wellness

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