Workshops for pregnancy and motherhood

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If you have any questions about your pre- or postnatal pelvic floor health or caesarean recovery, contact me!

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Anya is so experienced, wise and caring. Her work really embodies her compassion towards women, physically and emotionally

Mindful birth and beyond

Join me for this monthly pregnancy workshop introducing a toolkit of tips to help you release anxiety and soothe your body as you enter the next phase of your life. Too often our early motherhood experience is clouded by 'shoulds' and self doubt. 


This group session utilises techniques from Pilates and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) to connect to your body, calm your mind, silence your inner critic and enhance your feelings of self-compassion and confidence in the journey ahead.


Including a guided meditation and breathing techniques which will equip you well both for your birth experience and into early motherhood and beyond.


There will also be a Q&A and time for chatting at the end of the session.

Pelvic Floor and Core Restore

A monthly Pilates workshop for postnatal rehabilitation. This 45-min workshop focuses on breathing, alignment and pelvic floor awareness in functional daily movement, releasing tension and finding your deep inner strength – suitable if you're suffering from diastasis recti. Let's have a chat first if you've been diagnosed with prolapse.


Find out how to connect to your centre in your day to day activities rather than make extra time for 'pelvic floor exercise'. Rebuild your foundations to feel more energised in your mothering day. We'll finish with a guided meditation to leave you relaxed, soothed, energised and uplifted. There will also be a Q&A – a safe space to share all queries and wonderings – at the end of the session.

There is a daytime version of this workshop which is for mum and baby, and evening for mama time only.

For upcoming dates and times, contact me.

I'm a pre- and postnatal Pilates teacher specialising in pelvic floor, caesarean recovery and diastasis recti. I'm also a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) teacher, weaving together body–mind work to help alleviate the mental health issues that motherhood and pregnancy can present, such as anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm.

My mission is to help mums feel stronger, happier and calmer.


My 6 published books include Pregnancy, The Naked Truth, The Supermum Myth: Overcome Anxiety, Ditch Guilt, Embrace Imperfection, Pilates for Pregnancy and my latest book is Postnatal Pilates